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Scotland Rugby Ball

Item #: 1126018

List Price: $30.00

Our Price: $24.99
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Size: 5

Color: Navy Blue

  • Hand Stitched Practice Rugby Ball
  • All Weather Grip
  • Regulation Size and Weight
  • Vulcanized Synthetic Rubber Upper
  • Comes Deflated

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Made By Red Rhino Sports. This hand-stitched rugby ball has a Vulcanized Synthetic Rubber cover for optimum grip and longevity with three heavy drill layers supporting it. It is regulation size and weight and plays great.

Balls should be inflated to 9 - 10.5 psi (pounds of air). This will give you the best performance and bounce. It is a common thing for balls to feel like they are losing air when inflating for the first time. While pumping up the ball it will push out air from the tips of the ball. This is completely normal. This is the air that is between the inside bladder and the outside panels. Simply pump up the ball completely. Once the ball is completely full, no more air will come out of the tips of the ball. It will stay inflated for a couple of weeks before you will need to refill it again.